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Last year I enjoyed a lovely break in the tulip/typography Mecca that is Amsterdam. It was the fist time I’ve visited this beautiful city, but it certainly won’t be the last – especially with sights as lovely as these…

In the mid 1960s, Fidel Castro was looking to revive Cuba’s Failing economy by focussing its efforts on reviving the sugar industry. Through an initiative that has come to be known as ‘La zafra de los die millines (The 10 million ton [sugarcane] harvest). Cheap and easy to mass-produce, posters bearing numbers began appearing to mark the millions of tons of sugarcane that were being harvested.

At this point I feel I must apologise (again) to my girlfriend, as she didn’t experience the same excitement I did whilst documenting the typographic landscape – every ten paces I was stopping to take a snap of some gorgeous script, rather than paying attention to the tulip market.

No trip to Amsterdam is complete without visiting the Heineken factory (apparently).

I didn’t snap too many posters, but with a resource like Posters in Amsterdam, why bother?

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