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Typography is a topic that brings up a lot of debate around the table (being that the table you are sat around are designers) and on one or two occasions I have become drawn into the argument over the boundaries of illustration and typography. I tend to always agree that typography is the arrangement of letters, whether they be some Gotham Book or hand drawn sketches, on a page, in a way that conveys the message in the best sense. Though others argue that typography is all about perfect leading and the exact amount of kerning, I tend to disagree – I would call that a type designer.

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Raw Type

You can find two of our typographic posters for sale in our shop. Both Raw Type and 11 out of 10 should add a nice touch of type to your interiors.

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Type Foundries

Type Foundries

It goes without saying how important typefaces are in the world of visual communication; whether it’s for the copy of a corporate catalogue or custom typeface for a logotype, as designers we all make decisions on the choices of typefaces we pick for each job, based on how appropriate and effective it is for the [...]

Open Brief

Open Brief

Placements. You want one? Well, we can offer you one, but it’ll cost you… 1 creative project to be exact. Best case scenario, you’ll get a month-long placement and some recognition for your efforts. Worst case scenario, you’ll have a lovely new project to add to your portfolio.

Philippe Apeloig

Philippe Apeloig

If you’re not aware of the French designer/typographer, Philippe Apeloig, you should be – and if you carry on reading this post, you will be.

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