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Sketchbooks are a part of our daily life; full of scribbles, notes, ideas, musings, lists, names, numbers, people, places etc. etc. They house our lives, and flicking back through old sketchbooks is always a wonderfully nostalgic experience. Often it’s less about the destination, and more about the journey. And for some talented designers, illustrators and typographers, their journeys are picturesque ones…

Bob Aufuldish's beautiful collection of typographic flowers.

John Baeder is an avid collector of primitive ‘non-designed’ signs.

A more typical use of a sketchbook from Michael Hochleitner.

“Sketchbooks are intentionally informal – a place to rehearse, experiment or just play around.” —Steven Heller & Lita Talarico

I want to steal Katie Lombado's ‘sketchbook’ – surely it can't all look this amazing.

Morteza Momayez (1935–2005) liked to have fun with grids.

Daniel Pelavin's sketches illustrate a process of continuous improvement.

Erik Spiekermann's ‘sketchbook’ could be used as a diagram in any typographic dissertation.

The ‘sketches’ show a stellar level of detail that is to be expected.

It’s an incredibly simple book, with the emphasis on the sketches and little in the way of interviews. The result is you can whizz through the book in an afternoon, however as an inspirational resource, this won’t be a book that will gather dust on a shelf.

Job Wouters (AKA Letman) shows-off his skills.

The variation in working styles are there to see; Erik Spiekermann’s organised experiments and constant developments contrast Andy Smith’s loose, free hand sketches. I was looking forward to seeing Alex Trochut’s sketchbook work, however it seems that that detail can only be achieved through intensive Adobe Illustrator time. Something you get from leafing through this collection, is the love for typography. Occasionally you can spot the moment of inspiration where scribbles became a final idea. It has certainly inspired me to use my sketchbooks, less for writing lists of things to do, and more for actually doing them.

Typography Sketchbooks is available from the usual places: Amazon / Thames & Hudson

Photography by Steve Longbottom

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